"Inspired by the best examples of my greatest heroes, my mom and dad, I've committed my life to making a positive impact in the world, every single day. My natural curiosity about life has given me a wide spectrum of interests, including the sciences, technology, entertainment, health, music, global cultures and world history." 

Vince Wright is a talented, gifted and passionate Emmy, Telly & Aegis award-winning writer, producer, director, cinematographer, editor and on-air host for multimillion dollar film and television broadcast production networks. He conducts engaging, thought-provoking interviews with entertainment industry celebrities, politicians, musicians and representatives of every recognized professional discipline.  He is a Dean's List graduate of Rutgers University and completed AFI and Spike Lee's 40 Acres and a Mule Filmmaking Master Classes. Vince has had his own jazz folk rock bands and continues exploring his passion for music. "Everyone and everything in life has a BEAT, a pulse, a unique rythmn and flow. Things always seem to get better when we get our vibrational frequencies in sync. Like James Brown says, we have to keep TAKIN' IT TO THE BRIDGE."

Wright Films is the premier business manifestation of WrightFlo Enterprises, LLC. At WrightFlo Enterprises, we brainstorm, incubate, conceive, develop, broadcast and distribute life-changing and life-sustaining ideas, through innovative, paradigm-altering audiovisual content, music and other experiences, that re-invigorates the mind, body, spirit and psyche of Humanity.